this book is like a faithful companion, waiting patiently to whisk you away from a tedious and grey world. It’ll appeal to all of those who want a good bit of escapism, some interesting bits of science, and a new look at Indie.
— Shen Hart - The Review Hart
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The Officially Unofficial Files of Dr. Gordon B. Gray

Twenty-three year old wunderkind professor, Dr. Gordon B. Gray has it all, a Nobel Prize, tenure at Caltech University and looks that make women swoon. Last night he was tossing frozen pumpkins off the library roof and today – well – he’s saving the world.

When twenty-two of Dust, West Virginia’s twenty-three inhabitants disappear into thin air, U.S. Army Lieutenant General John Wilkinson resorts to enlisting the brilliant young professor, who quickly finds himself caught in an international tangle of assassins, truth movements, mad physicists and wild conspiracies. With no clear endgame in sight and the world at stake, Gordon embarks on a perilous journey that takes him from the backwoods trailers of Appalachia, to the desolate wilderness of Siberia’s enigmatic Tunguska region, where one man’s decisions can impact the course of human history.